Adoption Stories

Stories of Love & Family

Every adoption story is different, but each of them is a beautiful representation of love and courage. Here, we share some of the stories we’ve collected from adoptive families, adoptees, and birth mothers that have made a lasting impact on all of us at Courageous Hearts.

Annie’s Adoption Journey as a Single Mom

When Annie started her adoption journey, she prioritized agencies where birth moms were supported, loved, and centered in the adoption story. This was not an easy find for her especially as a single mom, however, after a few bumps in the road, she would find the perfect fit at Courageous Hearts Adoptions. At age 25, Annie learned that because of…

Adina and Brenton – A new perspective for their second adoption

Having experienced infertility issues, Adina and Brenton knew that adoption was their best option for growing their family. Four and a half years after adopting their first daughter, Lyah, they decided to give her a sibling and in May brought Kane home to Canada from Arizona. For their second adoption, Adina and Brenton wanted to go through the process with…

Becoming a single mom – still alot for a pediatrician to learn

This year, Erin became a single mom with the finalization of her adoption of Hazel. As a pediatrician, there was alot of knowledge about parenting and children that Erin came into motherhood with. She also understood the challenges of committing to being the sole full-time caregiver and parent of a child. Yet, there were still so many adoption and parenting…

A forever thankful birth mother

The decision of expecting and birth moms to place a child for adoption is not easy. It can be scary and every single person has their own journey leading them to that decision. At Courageous Hearts Adoptions, we understand that not every expecting and birth parent has a network of support surrounding them during this process. While we work to…

A Second Adoption for Jason and Billy

Billy and Jason recently welcomed a beautiful baby boy into their home and growing family. Beau is their second child and though they had also adopted their 4-year-old daughter Louisa, the dads still had many of the same questions to consider that they did before their first adoption: Can we responsibly afford another adoption? Can we take the needed parental…

A Single Mom’s Gift

Given her own life circumstances, Patricia decided to become a single mother. After failed fertility treatments and local domestic adoption in her Canadian hometown not being an option, she was excited to learn about her options for international newborn adoption from the U.S.  What particularly drew her to adoption with Courageous Hearts was the openness, “that birth mothers get to…

One Birth Mom’s Courageous Decision

Every adoption starts with loss, but they do not have to end with it. For Brandi, working with Courageous Hearts Adoptions and creating an open adoption plan, has allowed her to heal and continue to love her baby that she placed for adoption. 

How Taylor Embraces Her Adoptee Identity

Taylor was adopted as a baby from Korea by her Caucasian, American parents, who already had two biological sons. Today, Dr. Taylor Whittington is a health educator in higher education, and she is an adoption advocate.

Johnny Was Worth Every Waiting Moment

When Eve first laid her eyes on Johnny, it was like an “overwhelming sensation of peace.” With him in her arms, she felt at home, like life finally made sense. Not only did she find an instant bond with Johnny, she felt like he was meant to be part of their family.

Kristin’s Whirlwind Adoption

For Kristin, adoption was always an option, “I’m adopted. So I think in the back of my mind, I thought I would have a child through adoption.” But she felt unprepared for how quickly life changed.