Adoption Process for Birth Mothers

It’s Never Too Late to Make a Decision

The first step to the adoption process is deciding whether or not adoption is right for you. It’s important to remember that you are not “giving up” anything. Instead, you are changing lives. You are giving your little one the best home possible and you are helping to give a child to a loving family. Adoption is a difficult decision – but it is also a courageous and loving decision. It’s never too late to make an adoption decision or plan. Whether you have an unborn baby or a toddler, adoption is still an option and we are here for you.

Choosing to Place a Child for Adoption

When making this decision, keep these questions in mind:

  • What are my life goals?
  • Am I willing to postpone my goals to raise a child?
  • Am I financially prepared to care for an addition to my family?
  • Am I feeling pressured by people close to me to make a certain decision?
  • Do I have an emotional support system (family, friends, faith community, etc.)?
  • Is the birth father both emotionally and financially prepared to help raise my child, and is he someone I want to always have a connection to?

What can you do while Undecided?

If you’re not ready to make your decision, that’s okay. Take the time you need, as there is no rush or deadline to decide. In the meantime, make a plan and do your research. The following may help you make your decision and, no matter what decision you make, they will help ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Seek guidance from an adoption professional
Schedule appointments for prenatal care
house money
Learn about available living and medical assistance
Make a list of future goals
Plan for your recovery after your child is placed

Adoption Process for Birth Mothers

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