Adoption FAQs for Birth Parents

FAQs About Indiana Adoption for Birth Parents

Below, you’ll find a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to the adoption process. If you have a question that isn’t on this list or would like more information about a topic listed here, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here for you!

Our FAQs for Birth Parents

  • When is it too late to make an adoption plan?

    It is never too late. When you are ready, we will be, too, even if the child is already born (and up to the age of six).
  • If I am a minor, can I give my baby up for adoption?

    Most likely, yes. It will depend on your age and the laws of the state in which you live. Your adoption specialist will help you make this determination and assess your choices from there.
  • Does it cost money to make an adoption plan?

    No, the process is entirely free for birth mothers.
  • Does the father have to be involved?

    If you are married to the birth father, he will need to be involved to some degree. If you are not married, it will depend on your state laws. Call/text us at (317) 964-3365 for additional information and you can talk directly to an adoption lawyer for free. Please see below for information on birth father rights in Indiana.
  • I don't have health insurance and I want to give my baby up for adoption, is that a problem?

    Not at all! Our services cover all of your medical costs (prenatal, labor, and postpartum). Our adoption counseling services are also free and offered for your entire lifetime.
  • Do I have to go to the doctor? Will you drug test me?

    It is your pregnancy, so you have the final choice in what medical care you want to receive. We do not drug test birth parents.
  • How will I know my child will be placed with a safe and loving adoptive family?

    Each of our waiting adoptive families are highly screened. They are all home study approved, meaning they have completed multiple background checks, interviews, and reference checks. In addition, their medical history and finances are reviewed to ensure they are emotionally and financially stable. You also have the option to communicate as much as you would like with the family prior to making your choice, including a home visit. You are in control and you choose the family you believe will provide the best life for your child.
  • What does “open adoption” mean?

    It means that you have the option to communicate directly with the adoptive family that you choose. This could be by text, email, conference calls, phone calls, social media, or other means. You can meet the family before they take over the care of your child, and even visit throughout your baby’s childhood.
  • If I am pregnant and using drugs, will someone still adopt my baby?

    Yes! At Courageous Hearts, there is no judgment toward your current or previous drug use.  We understand that struggling with an addiction is extremely hard, whether you’re trying to quit or not, and adding a pregnancy to an already difficult situation can cause confusion, chaos, and fear. No matter what you are feeling or the stress you are under, we are here for you.

    If you are using drugs or alcohol during your pregnancy, we request that you inform your adoption specialist so we can help find the perfect family who understands any additional needs for your baby when born. This also gives us time to equip your chosen family for this very specific situation.

  • Will Child Protective Services (CPS) try to take my baby if they find out I was using drugs?

    You do not have to fear Child Protective Services when considering adoption. Making an adoption plan will actually help keep CPS out of your life by showing them the good, healthy, and responsible decision you are making on behalf of your little one. If you’re worried about this being a factor, talk to one of our birth parent counselors so that we can help you find the answers you need to be at peace.
  • What rights do I have as a birth parent in Indiana adoptions?

    First and foremost, you have the right to choose whether adoption is right for you and your baby. You have the right to choose the family who adopts your baby, as well as how much contact you want (through open or semi-open adoption) during and after the adoption. You also have the right to choose who sees and holds the baby after giving birth and how soon. You have complete control over the adoption process so that you are comfortable every step of the way. We will walk with you and guide you during all of these decisions.
  • Does the Birth Father Have to be involved if I decide to place my baby for adoption in Indiana?

    Whether or not he is an active part of the adoption process, the birth father does have a role, as well as rights that will vary by state.

    In general, these are the rights of the birth father:

    1. Right to be Involved: The child’s birth father has a right to be involved in the adoption planning process, if he chooses. He can look through profiles, select an adoptive family and choose what type of adoption he wants.
    2. Right to Consent: A birth father has a right to consent to the adoption.
    3. Right to Counseling: Courageous Hearts is available to speak with the birth father and offer him additional resources to help guide him through the adoption process.
    4. Right to an Attorney: The birth father has the right to consult with an adoption attorney about his rights if allowed in your state’s statutes. It is important to consult with an attorney before taking any legal action.

    Are you a birth father and want to learn more? Are you a birth mother and want to know the birth father’s rights? Based on your state’s laws, we can help you determine what rights exist and how that affects you. Contact us to talk about rights, responsibilities, and legal requirements for birth fathers.

  • What are the differences between Safe Haven and adoption?

    Infant Safe Haven Laws allow mothers in crisis to relinquish babies to deignated, safe locations, like a hospital or fire station. Though these laws vary by state, they allow parents to remain anonymous and shielded from criminal liability for endangerment, abandonment, or neglect. Currently, 9 states, including Indiana, allow delivery of a baby to a “newborn safety device” or “baby box.” 

    Though adoption is not anonymous, it is confidential, private, and has benefits for the wellbeing of your child. Through adoption, you have full control over the placement of your child. You choose the adoptive family and the level of openness. With Safe Haven, your baby is placed into the care of the local child welfare department. The baby is then placed into foster care and you relinquish any future contact with the child and family chosen by Child Protective Services.

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