Home Study Services

All couples or individuals who want to adopt must have a home study completed in the state they live in. The purpose of this home study is to educate you — the adopting family — and prepare you for adoption.

While home studies may vary from state to state and agency to agency, the process likely will include the same major points. An overview of our process is below.

Background checks. It is required by law that criminal and child abuse records and thorough background checks be conducted, including but not limited to local, state and federal background checks.

Health records. You need to submit health records on your physical and emotional health. Many prospective parents are also required to undergo a physical exam.

Income statements. Tax forms and income check stubs are submitted along with some additional information to demonstrate you are financially stable.

Funding Your Adoption

Adoption can be expensive. Courageous Hearts can get you in touch with the resources you need to help fund your adoption, including federal tax credits, grants and bank loans.

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Autobiographical statements. You will have to fill out paperwork about your upbringing and life circumstances, including personal background, marital history and parenting style. You need to be at least 21 years old to adopt.

Home visits. There will be a series of home visits to look at safety features within the home but also to further understand the lifestyle you will provide your child. The majority of interviews take place during these home visits.

Interviews. There will also be a series of interviews, including individual and group interviews with all household members, to get to know you and your family. We will discuss various aspects of the adoption process in great detail during these meetings.

References. You will be asked to provide non-family references who can vouch for your good character and ability to raise a child.

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