Adoption Resources

Our Knowledge Experience Is Yours

As you consider your options for adoption, we want to equip you to make positive and healthy decisions for yourself and your baby. Here are some resources that others have found helpful:

Birth Moms

Waiting Families/Adoptive Parents

And one of the greatest resources you have at your disposal is our amazing team! Many of us who work at Courageous Hearts Adoptions are adoptees now grown. Others of us are adoptive parents. Some are even both! This gives our little boutique agency a deeper understanding of every level of adoption and how it impacts those involved.

We’ve personally lived through the process and know what it means to make such life-changing decisions. We understand the beautiful gift birth mothers are making. We’re excited to answer questions for birth mothers, as well as adoptive families, to help the process go more smoothly and reduce any stress you might be feeling.

Tap into our well of knowledge and experience at any time.

Adoption Insights

Using Positive Adoption Language

Using positive and accurate adoption language can have an immense impact on adoptees and parents alike. The words and phrases we use to express our relationships with family members and loved ones can either make us feel like we belong or we don’t belong. Using positive adoption language and language of belonging can be so important to the development and…

Why Choose Adoption Over Safe Haven

Weighing your options is an important part of any big decision. If and when you decide that you can’t provide the necessary care for your child, you may be feeling lost on what to do next. Adoption isn’t your only option, but it may be the best one.

Funding Your Adoption

We understand that adoption can be very expensive and range from $35,000 to $55,000. Not only can these fees be a financial burden or barrier for an expanding family, in the case of failed or terminated adoptions, many of those fees are lost and unrecoverable.

Courageous Hearts wants to assist you in decreasing the financial burden and make adoption attainable for families wishing to expand.