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A Beautiful Gift

At Courageous Hearts, we believe adoption is a beautiful gift and a courageous choice to provide a child with a safe, healthy, and loving home. You are giving your baby a bright future with parents who will love your baby as much as you do.

Because we prioritize the well-being of children and birth mothers, we work with waiting families who embody the same compassionate and supportive spirit. We build personal relationships with our waiting families, ensuring that each is equipped to navigate the complexities of adoption and welcome a new child into their loving home. Before granting our approval, we screen each family for financial and emotional stability and extended family support, in addition to requiring an extensive home study.

Our approval process allows you to feel confident in whichever family you choose. There is no wrong choice, only the best choice for you.

Families in the Spotlight

Families in the Spotlight

All Families Waiting to Adopt

Danny & Sam
Adam & Stephanie
Adam and Shannon
Ben & Annie
Billy & Jason
Chad & Steph
Doug & Jennifer
Glen & Charlotte
Jeremy & Heidi
John & Jamie
Josh & Marti
Kurt & Becky
Kurtis & Kristin
Lauren & Hope
Nick & Crystle
Phil and Kaitlyn
Tyler & Erika

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