A Single Mom’s Gift

Given her own life circumstances, Patricia decided to become a single mother. After failed fertility treatments and local domestic adoption in her Canadian hometown not being an option, she was excited to learn about her options for international newborn adoption from the U.S. 

What particularly drew her to adoption with Courageous Hearts was the openness, “that birth mothers get to choose who will parent their child, that everyone comes together, despite difficulty and loss, to love this child and move forward.”

She, unfortunately, had two previously failed matches but trusted that things would happen as they were meant to. And now she’s been gifted with her beautiful and “perfect” baby girl, Ruby. “She’s so incredible, she’s mine… and it helps everything up until now to feel a little more in place. Bravery Grace Gratitude.”

Since becoming a single mother, everything has changed for Patricia. She was blessed with summer maternity leave and has had the gift of undistracted time with her new little one. “With a stork drop miracle, I jumped right into waking every 3 hours and reconnecting with basic rhythms of sleep, feed, love, repeat.”

Prior to adopting, Patricia worried that attachment would be difficult, “that without the nine-month bond in utero, would this baby bond to me? Would I to her? Would I be too scared after failed matches to let myself believe she really will be my daughter?” Though these were real fears for Patricia, she says the present and future are “golden!”

“Ruby and I are in such a great routine. We had the gift of nearly 3 weeks just the two of us together in a hotel awaiting our international travel permissions. We learned each other. She taught me lots. We are bonded and it feels so safe and sacred. I am hopeful for ongoing contact from her birth mother, and I will always be grateful.”

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