Unexpected Pregnancy: Explore Your Options with CHA

I am pregnant but unable to parent my baby. What are the unexpected pregnancy options in Arizona I have now? Is there any adoption agency near me that can help me understand what to do now? Courageous Hearts Adoptions is ready to help you. Every unplanned pregnancy journey is different, and so are the solutions. Once you contact us, our team members will talk to you about the unplanned pregnancy options. They all have personal experience with adoption. So, you can understand that they will personally guide you through adoption and beyond.

How Does CHA Help You to Explore Unplanned Pregnancy Options?

Parenting Your Child

Ask yourself if you are ready to become a parent. To raise a child, you must be mentally, emotionally, financially, and physically ready. There should be support from your family to raise the baby. If you lack the necessary resources to become a parent, think twice.


If you’re thinking about having an abortion, you should learn what the laws are in your state. Different states have different rules about abortion. Also, there may be medical risks and long-term effects when terminating your pregnancy.

Giving Your Child Up for Adoption

Adoption can be chosen at any time during your pregnancy journey, even after birth. It is never too late to make an adoption plan for your baby. Once you contact us, our team will listen to you. Based on that, we’ll help you in deciding whether adoption is right for you. With Courageous Hearts Adoptions, you can control every decision, including choosing the right adoptive family.

Determine what type of adoption you want for you and your baby, including:

·   Open Adoption

·   Semi-Open Adoption

·   Closed Adoption

If you choose to make an adoption plan, our trained staff will walk you through every step. We provide personalized support and empower you to make a custom adoption plan that works best for you and your baby.

We are here for you around the clock whenever you have a question or concern or need to talk to someone. Remember, you are not just “giving up” or giving away your child. Instead, you are creating a better life for them and helping them find a loving family.

Need Suggestions? Have Questions? Contact Us

You might have many questions about the adoption process. Or maybe you need some suggestions regarding the unexpected pregnancy options in Arizona. Feel free to reach out to us anytime you want. Our team works 24/7, 365 days a year, to help you.

Call: (317) 964-3365

Positive Adoption Language Disclaimer –

We understand that using words such as “give up” or “put up” to describe adoption can be hurtful and inappropriate. However, we must include these words in our blog posts to appear in expectant moms’ Google search results. While we promote positive adoption language, many expectant moms that come to us at first do not understand what that means. Therefore, our blog posts may use the language they understand, such as “how do I give up my baby for adoption” or “how do I put up my baby for adoption,” in order to explain how to create an adoption plan for their baby.

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