Is adoption a good choice for teenage pregnancy?

Considering adoption for teenage pregnancy is a brave step that brings you, your pregnancy, and an adoptive family a loving future. As a teenager, unexpected pregnancy may bring several questions and uncertainty. Are you wondering if adoption is right for you? Adoption is a courageous choice.

Contact Courageous Hearts Adoptions to get the answers you need. We believe that choosing the right adoption agency is one of the most important decisions in the adoption process. We are happy to answer any questions you may have so that you feel confident in that choice. You get to learn more about your options as a minor wanting to place a baby for adoption.

Adoption for teenage pregnancy!

When deciding to put your baby up for adoption, you need to consider the following situations:

  • Will you raise the baby alone or with the father?
  • How will you support yourself and your baby financially?
  • Can you continue with your education after pregnancy?
  • Will your parents help you with your childcare?

You will find it helpful to discuss your options with our caring and experienced counselor. The choice to place for adoption is an option that goes beyond just thinking about yourself and your unborn baby. It is a sacrifice, but it can be rewarding as well.

Involvement of your parents

As a minor, in some cases, you may need your parent’s permission to give your baby up for adoption. We help you create a customized adoption plan and search through families looking to adopt a teenager’s baby.

With us, you will get all the emotional support and counseling needed throughout the journey. We suggest being on the same page with your parents about the pregnancy and the plan you choose. Your parents can be an essential source of support throughout the process.

How to put a baby up for adoption if you are a teen?

As a pregnant teen, if you decide giving your child up for adoption is the right choice, our team members will help you develop a custom adoption plan.

You can structure your adoption to your specific needs and preferences, including

  • the type of family you wish to adopt your child
  • level of relationship and communication with the adoptive parents
  • financial assistance required

We have many pre-screened loving families that you can choose from. There is no wrong choice, only the best choice for you.

Why choose us?

Are you ready to begin your Adoption journey? Contact Courageous Hearts Adoptions to get started anytime. Call us at (317) 964-3365. Our adoption counselors can be a great help and resource for you. They will listen and talk to you about your options and process. You can reach out to them at any time along the way to talk to them at no cost to you.

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