A How-to Guide to Help Pregnant Mothers Thinking About Open Adoption in Arizona

If you’re a pregnant mother thinking about open adoption in Arizona, it’s essential to understand the process and the steps involved. It creates some form of contact or relationship between the birth parents and the adoptive family. 

  • Open adoption allows birth mothers to be more involved and empowered throughout the adoption process.
  • You will know how your child is doing as they grow up.
  • The ability to stay in touch and be a part of the child’s life in a unique way.
  • It allows you to have a meaningful relationship with your child’s adoptive parents, which will help them feel more secure by knowing how loved they are by both parents.
  • Greater peace of mind knowing their child is in good hands.
  • The ability to provide important information regarding the child’s history.

Here’s a how-to guide to help you navigate the process:

Continued relationship

Open adoption typically allows the child and birth parents to maintain and grow their relationship even after the placement. 

Secure Identity

With open adoption, children can access their family history at their fingertips. They will know which of their traits were inherited and in what ways they are like their birth parents. They don’t have to ponder why they were placed and assume the worst.


Like having a secure identity, children within an open adoption can also maintain a sense of normalcy. If they know their story from the beginning, they will not have to feel out of place or like they don’t belong. 

Pregnant & Considering Adoption! Contact Us

Working with a local Arizona adoption agency like Courageous Hearts Adoptions can be helpful for every woman facing an unplanned pregnancy with a different situation and a unique story to tell. We can simplify this process as a trusted & licensed open adoption agency. 

How to put your child up for open adoption with CHA?

  • Fill out the Contact Form
  • Talk to our Counselor
  • Do the Paperwork
  • Choose the Best Adoptive Family
  • Make an Adoption Plan
  • Create a Hospital Plan
  • Deliver the Child
  • Get support and counseling
  • Receive pictures and updates

We will walk by your side as you make the right decisions for you and your baby. If you seek open adoption in Arizona but need help knowing where to start, please call or text (317) 964-3365.

Positive Adoption Language Disclaimer –

We understand that using words such as “give up” or “put up” to describe adoption can be hurtful and inappropriate. However, we must include these words in our blog posts to appear in expectant moms’ Google search results. While we promote positive adoption language, many expectant moms that come to us at first do not understand what that means. Therefore, our blog posts may use the language they understand, such as “How do I give up my baby for adoption” or “How do I put up my baby for adoption,” in order to explain how to create an adoption plan for their baby.

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