A Gift of Love: Choosing Adoption in Indiana with CHA

I am in the first trimester of my pregnancy. This pregnancy was unplanned! Now, I’m thinking about choosing adoption in Indiana. Is there any adoption agency that can help me to start with the adoption in Indiana? Adoption agencies can help you to get started with the adoption process. But choosing the best adoption agency in Indiana is the biggest thing. Because they are the ones who will help you to place your child in a family successfully. You are not only choosing a family for your baby but choosing their future, so decide carefully.

Steps for Choosing Adoption in Indiana with CHA

Plan the Adoption

Once you decide to give your baby up for adoption, we help you to understand the adoption process. You’ll get to know about your rights and choices. We’ll help create a customized adoption plan for you and your baby.

Find the Right Adoptive Parents

Finding the right adoptive parents is a complicated task. Our experienced and caring staff will help you to explore the list of adoptive parents on our website. They are pre-screened and home-study-approved.

Get Birth Mother Assistance

We will help you to get medical bills, housing, and living expenses assistance. Depending on Indiana state law, you’ll receive living expenses.

Post Adoption Counseling

Courageous Hearts Adoptions will help you to get medical bills, housing, and living expenses assistance. Depending on the state law, you’ll receive the living expenses.

Contact Courageous Hearts Adoptions Today

We are a licensed adoption agency that helps birth mothers to give their children up for adoption. Our team members have personal experiences with adoption. They will listen to your concerns and walk you through the adoption process.

Call: (317) 964-3365

Positive Adoption Language Disclaimer –

We understand that using words such as “give up” or “put up” to describe adoption can be hurtful and inappropriate. However, we must include these words in our blog posts to appear in expectant moms’ Google search results. While we promote positive adoption language, many expectant moms that come to us at first do not understand what that means. Therefore, our blog posts may use the language they understand, such as “how do I give up my baby for adoption” or “how do I put up my baby for adoption,” in order to explain how to create an adoption plan for their baby.

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