Tyler & Erika

Meet Tyler & Erika

State: Indiana

Religion: Christian

Children: None

Language: English

Occupation: Tyler is an Engineer Project Manager and Erika is a Marketing Director

Relationship with Birth Mother: Open to texts, calls, exchanging pictures, and visits.

Dear Birth Mother:
While we have so much to share, we want to start at what is the foundation of this new relationship, and that’s you. Your strength, your love and your decision are the threads throughout this journey that makes all this possible. Giving someone the gift of a child is so incredibly beautiful, and we are forever grateful to you for the opportunity to become parents to this child. Our journey to you has been filled with tremendous love and some heartache. However, the constant throughout it all has been our unrelenting hope and unwavering knowledge that we will be parents. We truly believe that everything happens for a reason. We now know our path to mommy and daddy was meant to be special and unique, and hopefully includes you!

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