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About Us

About Our Agency

Courageous Hearts Adoptions is a boutique-style non-profit adoption agency, which means our small but dedicated team compassionately gives you the personalized attention you deserve. Our collective experience and passion helps us guide birth mothers and adoptive parents alike.

Our Mission

To provide competent and transparent adoption services that meet the unmet needs of the birth parents we serve, while reducing the financial risks to potential adoptive parents.

Our Vision

Adoption services that are compassionate, holistic, and provide for expecting and birth mother needs while keeping fees low for adopting families.

About our agency

Our Story

Courageous Hearts Adoptions was founded by a local family in Indiana — Greg and Julie Menefee (pictured above), their daughter-in-law, Jenna, and Jenna’s sister, Sara. Each was motivated to become involved through personal experiences with adoption.

Greg and Julie of Franklin, Indiana, have two granddaughters through adoption who have brought them great joy. They recognized the impact of adoption on a family. Adoption not only changes the lives of the adoptive parents and child, but it changes the lives of the entire extended family for the better. Jenna Menefee has two daughters through adoption and understands firsthand how the adoption process can be both emotionally and financially stressful yet completely worthwhile. She wanted to help other adoptive parents achieve their dreams of starting a family. Like so many other adoptive parents, Jenna would not be a mother today without the loving and selfless decisions made by her daughters’ birth mothers.

The Menefees also observed the financial stress involved in domestic adoptions and wanted to make the process more accessible for deserving families. They enlisted Jenna, an adoptive parent, and her sister, Sara Baker, who was already a practicing adoption professional in the community, to help develop a new program in Indiana.

Sara is well-versed in adoption. She stood alongside Jenna through both of her adoptions, and through her professional experience, she’s come to learn how inaccurate common adoption language can be in the notion that birth parents “give up” their child to be adopted. Sara is passionate about changing that perspective in society.

Adoption has been a huge blessing to all members of this family, and it is their desire to help other families have the same experience.

Stories of Love & Family

Every adoption story is different, but each of them is a beautiful representation of love and courage. Here, we share some of the stories we’ve collected from adoptive families, adoptees, and birth mothers that have made a lasting impact on all of us at Courageous Hearts.


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