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The Adoption Process - Information for Birth Parents

If you’re considering making an adoption plan for a baby you are pregnant with or a child already born know that you will have an adoption specialist given to help you throughout. Your adoption specialist is your partner, and support person throughout this course, and she is going to work closely with you to make sure your adoption desires are fulfilled. You may ask yourself, “But I don’t know how I want my adoption to go?” No worries. Your support person will present many options to you and offer suggestions which will help you not only understand the adoption process but develop a plan that is most satisfying to you.

Everything about the adoption process is free to you! Your adoption specialist and adoption counseling is available to you at no cost. Legal representation is free if desired, and all your medical bills associated with the pregnancy will be covered.

Remember, contacting the agency and reviewing adoption profiles or requesting adoption information never obligates you to complete the adoption process.

The adoption process is completely and totally different for every woman because every woman’s needs or wants are different throughout her pregnancy and what she wants for her adoption plan.

We know that making an adoption plan or giving your baby up for adoption is your decision.

Is Adoption the same as Foster Care?

It is common for people to think of adoption as similar to foster care, but that is not true. The families we work with at Courageous Hearts are highly screened and qualified to adopt. They complete many background checks, and we adhere to the highest standards. We are not connected to the foster care system at all.

Choosing an Adoptive Family for your Child

The decision of making an adoption plan creates a better future for yourself, your baby, and the hopeful adoptive family. The following is a summary of the steps you may take when you decide, “I wish to put my baby up for adoption.” The process can be totally different for every woman, and the adoption professional you contact will help you to make an extra detailed plan that matches your needs for your unique pregnancy or your child’s needs.

Step 1: You will fill out paperwork with some basic information about you and your social medical background.

Step 2: You next have the opportunity to look through profiles, your adoption specialist will ship, email, or text you profiles and or video profiles. Once you select the family of your choice, you can talk to them or even MEET them to be sure they are the right match for you.

Throughout this process, remember, you choose the type of family you want and the lifestyle you want for your baby. Usually, when you are meeting and interviewing adoptive families, you will be able to discuss what type of open relationship you might want with the potential parents. You may not know what type of relationship you want, and that is okay too. It is hard to prepare for how you will feel after delivery so sometimes you might want to wait until after the birth. Your adoption specialist will help guide you through this if you wish.

Many also stay in touch with their adoptive family via emails, texts messages and social media updates.

You nonetheless select the adoptive family, determine the post-adoption relationship and determine on any contact you need prior to delivering.

Step 3: Once you agree to a match, you are eligible for financial assistance with living expenses, medical expenses, and other pregnancy related needs. There is NO COST to you! You can also receive free legal consultation if desired.

Once you go into labor, instantly notify your adoption professional and they will contact the adoptive family when you are ready.

Generally, 24-48 hours after the baby is born, you presumably can formally sign the required paperwork to place the baby for adoption with the adoptive family. This is done confidentially – you do NOT have to go to court in this process.

Whether your adoptive couple meets you in person (your decision), reads your paperwork, or communicates by text/phone/email, the information you provide and will help them communicate with the child throughout their life the amazing person you are and from where they came. The child will always know how much you loved him or her.

When choosing adoption:

Courageous Hearts – A Pro-Open Adoption Agency

Courageous Hearts Adoptions is a pro-open adoption agency. Even though we are a pro-open adoption agency, a birth mother can choose between an open adoption, semi-open adoption, or closed adoption. Our reasoning for being a pro-open adoption agency is because we believe it is very difficult to determine just what type of contact a birth mother will in the future. With that, if you were to choose a closed adoption now, later on down the road, if you want an open adoption it is available, but there is never any pressure. Just know that you have options.

Although it is common to hear things such as “giving a baby up for adoption,” you aren’t “giving up.” You are making the hardest decision of your life. You are making a responsible and selfless decision to place your baby’s needs ahead of your own. This requires great strength, insight, and determination.
Once you get a glimpse into the emotions a mother goes through that places a baby for adoption, you’ll get a greater understanding of how you are not “giving up” like the phrase “giving up your baby” includes, but rather you are making a life long plan for your baby which is why we call it “making an adoption plan.”

Over the previous couple of a few years, adoption has turned out to be increasingly open, in the start parents have additional opportunities than ever to get to know the adoptive family earlier to and after placement. All adoption professionals, particularly Courageous Hearts Adoptions, think about pre-placement contact is essential to a healthy adoption relationship, because it helps you confirm the individuals you’ve chosen will present the life you’ve all the time dreamed of for your baby.

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