Placing Your Baby For Adoption

I Am Interested in Placing My Baby for Adoption

I Am Interested in Placing My Baby for Adoption

I am interested in placing my baby for adoption?

Choosing to make an adoption plan - When is it too late?

How To Give Up a Child For Adoption

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is never too late. When you are ready, we will be too even if the baby or child is already born.

Most likely yes, but it will depend on your age and the state laws in which you live. Your adoption specialist will help you make this determination.

No, the process is entirely free.

Well, that depends. If you are married to the birth father, he will need to be involved to some degree. If you are not married, it will depend on your state laws. Call us for additional information and you can talk directly to an adoption lawyer for free!

Not at all! All medical costs are covered when you make an adoption plan.

It is your pregnancy, so you decide what medical care you want to receive or not. And no we do not drug test birth parents.

All our families are highly screened. They are all home study approved meaning they have completed multiple background checks, interviews, reference checks, and their medical history and finances are reviewed to ensure they are healthy and financially stable.

It means that you have the option to communicate directly with the adoptive family that you choose. This could be by text, email, conference calls, phone calls, or other means. You can also meet the family before and after the birth if you desire. This can even include visits throughout your baby’s childhood even as much as every year.

YES!  We are completely NON-JUDGEMENTAL.  We understand that struggling with an addiction is extremely hard and adding an unintended pregnancy to an already difficult situation does not help.  If you are using drugs or alcohol during your pregnancy, just let us know and we can help find the perfect family for you and your unborn baby.  Many of our families are trained for this very specific situation during your pregnancy.

Some women fear that Child Protective Services (CPS) will take their baby from the hospital because they used drugs during their pregnancy.  But in fact, making an adoption plan will actually help keep CPS out of your life.  So please don’t let this be a worry of yours.  Talk to a birth parent counselor today!

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placing your baby for adoption