Glen & Charlotte

Dear friend,

Thank you for looking at our adoption profile book as you make the challenging and courageous decision of who will parent your child. We have so much love and respect for you as you are walking this difficult path.

We hope when you read this book that you take away 3 things that are most important to us, both in our life right now and when we adopt a child:


God blessed both of us with musical talents, amazing supportive families, and a TON of love to go around. We have been married 12 years and had some curveballs thrown our
way—but we move through the good and the bad TOGETHER, as partners.

If chosen by you, we commit to giving your child a home where they ALWAYS are loved and supported, and we commit that they will feel that love and support every day of their lives. We hope that you want to meet us after you read our book. But please know that no matter what you decide, it’s the right decision—because you’re a strong and capable

Charlotte & Glen

Profile Book