Al & Liz

We are Al & Liz

would like to express our admiration that we have for you, on this difficult decision. The world is full of many uncertainties, but one thing that you can be certain of, is the love we’ll have for your child. We have incredible hopes to raise and love your child with all of our hearts. Both of us were diagnosed with infertility issues and after doing some beginning stages of fertility treatments, we felt like God was pushing us in a different direction. Thankfully we listened to that and have had the joy, love and heartache of fostering 6 children over the last two years. It’s been hard, but in our experience it has also brought us much joy and love. It’s taught us to cherish our family the most!

Adoption is close to our heart
We have many nieces and nephews who came to our family through adoption. Al’s oldest brother’s family fostered many children and ended up adopting two precious children. Al’s other brother also experienced infertility and has an adopted
daughter. We are so thankful for the way God has built our families!

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