Birth Father Rights

Whether or not he is an active part of the adoption process, the birth father does have a role as well as rights. Talk to us, and — based on your state’s laws — we can help you determine what options are available to you and what rights the birth father has.

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Are you a birth father and want to learn more about your rights? Are you a birth mother and want to know your baby’s father’s rights? Contact us to talk about rights, responsibilities and legal requirements for birth fathers.

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Right to be involved. The child’s birth father has a right to be involved in the adoption planning process, if he chooses. He can look through profiles, select an adoptive family and choose what type of adoption he wants.

Right to consent. A birth father has a right to consent to the adoption.

Right to counseling. Courageous Hearts is available to speak with the birth father and offer him additional resources to help guide him through the adoption process.

Right to an attorney. The birth father has the right to consult with an adoption attorney about his rights if allowed in your state’s statutes. It is important to consult with an attorney before taking any legal action.

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